Why Painting Services?

I didn’t start out life intending to be a painting contractor. I actually went to school to be a paramedic.  And I did that for a while, until the stress burned me out.  In one of those random life coincidences, I came back to the lakeshore after being gone for a couple years, and started painting houses in the summer with a teacher.  I loved it!  And that’s how painting became my profession.

People often ask me “Why do you like what you do?”  I think a big part of it stems from the fact that I’m a local guy, born and raised on the lakeshore.  This is my home, and I know this community.  I also enjoy the challenge of the unique and different projects I’ve seen in my 30 years here.  Perhaps the best part, however, is doing excellent work for our customers.  My crew is made up of employees, not contracted labor.  I pick each team member for his or her quality work and attention to detail.  So I know that every job is going to be done well, by a team of people with extensive experience.  That’s important to me. 

My crew serves all of West Michigan, including Muskegon, Spring Lake, Grand Haven, Holland, Allendale, and points in between.  Occasionally, we can go further if it makes sense.  Please contact us for a quote.


Interesting Highlights

  • Highest project: 150 ft. church steeple
  • Biggest project: 170,000 sq. ft. of buildings on 10 acres
  • Most paint: 3,000 gallons – brought in the by the semi-load!